Sunday August 21, 2011


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NDP Say "No" To Auditor General 

John Les: They'll raise taxes, run massive deficits and turn B.C. back into a have-not province" 

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onsidering their reckless spending plans, Chilliwack MLA John Les isn't surprised by the BC NDP's rejection of a Municipal Auditor General.


"During Adrian Dix's time in the premier's office, the BC NDP had eight consecutive budget deficits, never made a fiscal target and British Columbia's credit rating was downgraded," says Les. "Good management of taxpayer money is not in the NDP psyche, so it's hardly surprising they would reject a look at how tax dollars are spent at the local level."

Appearing on the Bill Good Show on CKNW, NDP House Leader John Horgan was asked if he supported the plan first proposed by Premier Christy Clark back in January. "I don't," said Horgan.

Les notes Dix's economic scheme is based solely on spending and refusing to say how they'd pay for all their promises. "NDP president Moe Sihota did recently let slip that income tax hikes are on the way under Adrian Dix," says Les. "They'll raise taxes, run massive deficits and turn B.C. back into a have-not province."

Les, a Chilliwack mayor for 13 years and a past president of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, says the Municipal Auditor General is reasonable and will benefit taxpayers.

"There's only one taxpayer and all of us who are elected officials can benefit from oversight," says Les. "This office, particularly for smaller municipalities, can provide real value."


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