Wednesday August 31, 2011


Helping Volunteers

Giving tax breaks to people who help the community

Submitted by Myrtle Macdonald of Chilliwack for Tony Stander


hope I am not letting any cats out of the bag; I should hate to start a deluge of letters, but, lately I am hearing the argument that since many volunteers give many hours of service it is time that such service be recognized by the governments.


To be sure volunteers receive certificates and many other tokens of appreciation for their time but maybe it is time for the governments to make some overt effort to reflect their collective appreciation in the federal, provincial, and municipal taxes and levies that most of these volunteers pay year by year.


It is believed, and quite rightly so, that if the volunteers had to go on strike many institutions dependent on the availability of volunteers would come to a standstill. As it is volunteers are becoming more difficult to find each year.

A great many pensioners do not pay any taxes because their incomes are too small, but others do pay and it would be "nice" if the tax man could manage a tiny tax break for those volunteers. There are people on pension who can use the few dollars a tax break in gratitude for services rendered might afford. There are very few volunteer plumbers, painters, electricians, dentists etc. giving pensioners free service.

It is perhaps time for the thousands of volunteers to receive some financial benefit via the tax men for a change.

I do not wish to disturb a hornets nest; I am a volunteer myself, but we keep hearing all the time that nothing is free. Perhaps the press could ask the volunteers what they all, not just a few, think about the idea.


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