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Five Minutes Of Funk 

New businesses and the Get More loyalty program

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owntown Chilliwack BIA Executive Director Kathy Funk, appeared on Star 98.3 Wednesday talking with morning show host Lisa Stevens about what's been happening lately with the Business Improvement Association. The following are highlights from that conversation.

You know, we have actually a waiting list so we're really quite excited that we have that many new businesses.

Today we're going to talk about Picasso Hair Designs and that's over on Main St. across from the old Safeway and right beside Roblin Travel.

Owner Betty Ann is a really neat lady. She has over 25-years experience and that's one of the things that makes this salon unique. These people in the salon are all trained as masters in colours so they have a combined many many, years of experience.

It's a small intimate setting. The boutique is just beautiful. It's a really nicely done boutique and they're going green so they're working on environmentally safe products, low ammonias, so that's really important to Betty Ann that they think about that and what I thought was neat was that they have flexible hours so that if someone needs to come in on a Sunday they'll open up and (the) shop is like home.

Come on over, it's a great team, great atmosphere, and (they) like open communication with their customers and they boast of on-going training so they're always training in the new looks and the new styles.

She also offers seniors discounts which is really really important and she's in a good location and there's a lot of seniors in that area.

Picasso Hair Design at 9270 Main Street. Join their Facebook page here.

We have a new produce store downtown, Granny Smith Produce and Peggy tells me she got the "Granny Smith" from being a granny and decided that she was going to name the store after herself who's a granny.

That's on Yale, just at Williams, so right neat the Town Butcher.

For a busy person like myself, I love to zip by, go in, it's a great, nice-sized store, very clean, very nicely displayed produce, very good price point, and again, open on Sundays. So the Town Butcher is open on Sunday and so do they. So for people who work quite a few days a week, it's nice to have those options and Peggy has over ten-years experience. People will know her from Queens St. Market.

Her and her husband Lorne own the store. They boast of local produce which is a really nice tie-in with Town Butcher because they also have local meats.

I think it's great and they do have bakery products and dairy products and I'd love to see the high school students out there with an apple or a banana.

So it's a friendly environment. Everything's fresh It's nice and bright. They do custom orders for bulk and of course canning season's coming and come in and pre-order.

They're part of our "Get More" program.

"Get More" is just a free program where you get a card and you can go into a variety of businesses and save money or receive a gift. A variety of different promotions that each of the businesses are involved in and it's as simple as you can go on our website and sign-up or drop-in by the office. At Party in the Park Leanne and I signed up 120 new members and so it's a great program. It's like I say, free, and its just helping to get more savings shopping downtown.

So Peggy's involved in that and so is Picasso so more savings for their customers and it's a great program.


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