Wednesday August 31, 2011

Music News

BuskerFest Nixed  

Lack of interest from street performers cited

Submitted by Maude Stephany


ell, the official news is that Chilliwack Buskerfest is off for this year. Chilliwack is just getting used to the idea of having street performers. It takes time for a community that has never had street performers to really take to the idea.


I'm really pleased that the City of Chilliwack has made this possible.

Sadly, Chilliwack's musicians and performers aren't coming out of the woodwork, and before we can have a Buskerfest, we need more talented performers to come out and play. Over the summer, only one street performer (my son, Erik Stephany, a magician) has been performing at all in the downtown core.

I'm hoping that next year, when we have a number of great local street performers providing entertainment and atmosphere to the downtown core, Chilliwack Buskerfest can become a reality.

I want to thank the support of the Chilliwack Downtown BIA, as well as many individuals who have provided support. Particularly, I want to thank Sarah Sovereign who provided so much support in terms of development of posters and artwork. I also want to thank Mimi of Visions Unleashed Coaching, who provided clarity to this project. I look forward to working with others in the community in the coming year to make Chilliwack Buskerfest a real dream come true.


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