Wednesday August 10, 2011


Perspectives on Aging  

Betty's thoughts about life and aging gracefully

Submitted by Betty Krawczyk, Cumberland BC


want to thank everyone who sent me happy birthday greetings and amusing videos for my 83rd birthday on August 4th. They were the toppings of a beautiful day of sunshine and renewed hope. Of course growing older at age 83 is somewhat different than growing older at 43 or 63.


But not terribly. Once one realizes that every living thing on this earth is in a natural process of birth, growth, death, and rebirth again (in whatever form) then one can relax into the process. Itís when one realizes that every breath taken by a human being on this earth has been taken untold billions of time before by other organisms, including other humans, that our lives fall into perspective within the flow of time. And then time itself appears stunning, fascinating, and brilliantly coloured, wherever one is within the process. There. This is my little homily on my 83rd birthday.


And thanks again everybody. Youíre all awesome.



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