Monday August 8, 2011

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A Separate Reality

MLA Penner says BC NDP leader Dix not to be trusted on a united Canada

Released by T Marshall, Gov't Caucus of BC


drian Dix and his BC NDP colleagues continue to support new NDP leader Nycole Turmel, despite her separatist links.

"Adrian Dix has put his faith in a person who has belonged to not one, but two separatist movements," said Chilliwack-Hope MLA Barry Penner.


"Dix's support of Nycole Turmel demonstrates why British Columbians can't trust him to properly represent B.C.'s interests in maintaining a united Canada."

On Tuesday, Mr. Dix said, "I don't think it's fair to say that she's a separatist" (CKNW Aug 2, 2011). But according to the Oxford Dictionary, a separatist is "a member of a group within a country who want to separate from the rest of the country to form an independent state" (Oxford Dictionary of Current English, Third Edition, 2001).

"Ms. Turmel was not just the member of one separatist group, but was a member of two groups intent on breaking up our country," says Penner. "Mr. Dix should explain how many separatist parties a person needs to belong to, and to donate to, in order to qualify for his unique definition of a separatist."

All branches of the New Democratic Party are constitutionally linked and as a result members of the provincial party are automatically members of the federal branch.

"If you join the BC Liberal Party, you are a member of a party that is truly British Columbian and is not officially linked to any federal party," said Penner. "We are a provincial party only, which means we put B.C. first. That's the difference between us and the NDP.

"Dix's support for a self-confessed Quebec separatist demonstrates his poor judgment and calls into question his ability to put B.C.'s interests first."

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