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ince its inception in 2009, The Valley Voice has been slowly inching up the search engine ranks to where it now appears on the primary search results page for Chilliwack News despite print media having several listings above which push others down and off the primary results page.

It's a wriggling game. For instance in a search of Chilliwack News, you'll see that there are five listings print media and a local radio station which has very little local content and for ten years been on the secondary results page, however wriggled ahead rank to the primary results page. So there have been some challenges and there will continue to be.

However in searches of Chilliwack Crime News, The Valley Voice dominates all other local news outlets on every major search engine on earth. But rankings are handed out. You have to earn it.

Local print media and other media have no reason to get up at 3 am and go stand in the rain to cover a fire or some other disaster when readers and listeners with cell phones who want bragging rights on those pages just send photos in. That just makes it a little more challenging for The Valley Voice.

It's taken a lot of work to get ranked on Google and countless hours in service to the community. It's been a daunting task taking on mainstream media but as we move into the digital online news reporting, while some news outlets have expanded to more national and global coverage. The Valley Voice has remained true to its roots with community reporting because that's where the our news originates.

Recent editorials of how mainstream media has been hit by online media demonstrates that they're going to have to adapt. Print media offer free versions in exchange for advertising dollars where The Valley Voice is ad-free and has never charged for information that already belongs to community. Advertising is not part of news reporting.

Print media is slowly awakening to the fact that newspaper is going are going the way of the dinosaur.

Contrary to what newspapers and print advertisers tell us is the fact that they are one of the largest contributors to climate change and global warming on the planet by producing one-use papers that end up at the bottom of bird cages five minutes after being read and gobbling up millions of trees in BC and other areas which act as natural carbon sinks.

We wish them luck in both Google rankings and helping saving the planet.




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