Wednesday, April 6, 2016 



Senseless Attack 

Man in a wheelchair robbed and left lying on the road

Staff/Voice file


he Voice learned on Tuesday, that last week thugs attacked a man in a electric wheelchair who had been out shopping for food.


When the miscreants accosted him, they took his food, threw him out of the chair, took the chair, and left him lying there on the road. The chair was found later ditched, without the batteries.

If the man had pepper-spray, he may have been able to thwart the apparent drug-fuelled melee. But, we're not allowed to carry it because of the puritans who run the show. The "honourable" ones in office have made it so only the bad guys have pepper spray and guns. The rest of us are at their mercy.

The Voice's source,  a friend of the victim and also in a chair, never leaves home without pepper spray. So he's breaking the law to protect himself.



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