Wednesday August 11, 2010

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Where The Water Runs

BC Oil and Gas Water Use Report


The BC Oil and Gas Commission (Commission) has released a report detailing the regulation of water used for oil and gas activities in British, announced CEO and Commissioner Alex Ferguson.

“The rise in unconventional drilling technologies and advanced geological knowledge in both conventional and unconventional activity has seen associated water use increase in northeast B.C. over the past decade,” he said. “Transparent reporting of water use overseen by the Commission is imperative to remain accountable to British Columbians in the regulation of all facets of oil and gas activity.”

The Commission has authority to review and approve water access for surface and subsurface sources through the Water Act and the Petroleum and Natural Gas Act. Technological advances have spurred the development of a new regulatory framework, the Oil and Gas Activities Act. This legislation, coupled with capacity building within information tracking systems and in-house technical expertise will further the Commission’s ability to manage, collect, track and forecast water used by the oil and gas industry in B.C.

“The Commission regulates industry water use with the goals of protecting potable ground water, minimizing withdrawals of water, encouraging alternative sources of water and supporting new technologies that recycle water back into continued activity.” Mr. Ferguson stated, “Water use tracking and reporting is integral for the balance between sustainable resources, the interests of the people of B.C. and the economics of the oil and gas industry.”

The BC Oil and Gas Commission is the independent regulator of oil and gas activities in British Columbia. The Commission has regulatory responsibility for industry activity from the exploration and development phases, through to facilities operation and decommissioning. The Commission fosters environmental, economic and social outcomes through legislation, regulation and numerous delegated authorities.

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