Saturday August 7, 2010

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Pirates in the Park

Arrr, she was a fine time

Craig Hill/Voice


vast, me hearties! It was another gorgeous summer evening and all things swashbuckler for Party in the Park revelers Friday


A treasure trove of crowd pleasers like Midnight Sun, from the Chilliwack Players Guild, entertained on the Coast Capital Stage singin' accapella t' an appreciative audience who relaxed wi' families on the grass bowl surroundin' the stage. Scalawag emcee Trevor McDonald received a handmade thank-ye card from one his buccaneers an' BIA Executive Director, Kathy Funk, be dressed t' kill sans the sabre.


A bevy o' tasty foods an' interestin' services be available from th' more than 60 vendors on-site an' Safeway`s Kid`s Zone has plenty o' activities from facepainters t' bouncey castles. If ye haven`t gone t' one thar be still time an' dasn't let yer summer pass by without checkin' out at least one o' these great community parties.


Fairy Tales be the theme next tides on Fridee, Augst 20th. The Chilliwack Players Guild will be havin' a booth 'ere folks can dress in costumes, get a photo taken an' made into a button. The Coast Capital Stage lineup be Cecily Dickey, Blendurz an' Travellers.


The mini-fests run Fridays from 5pm to 9:30pm (approx) throughout July and August at Central Community Park, located at the corner of Young Rd. and Victoria Ave.


The park be truly a superb venue in the heart o' Chilliwack fer showcasin' great local talent that otherwise might go unnoticed by the chestfulls o' swabbies who attend the weekly events.


"Arrr, fortune rides the shoulders of them what schemes." RLS, Long John Silver


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