Saturday August 14, 2010


Paradise Lost

What can be done about the weekend renegades? 



ast week, in response to recent reports from concerned residents and citizens like Chris Gadsden of the Fraser River Salmon Society, Progress newspaper editor Greg Knill wrote a piece on the trash being left behind in the Chilliwack River Valley by weekend renegades.

A weekend grad party in April left behind enough garbage to fill a pickup truck and trailer. After the BC Day long weekend another truckload of trash was left behind. As concerned citizens, we can't do anything but cleanup after them.

After the mess in the CRV last April, I attempted to contact the schools in Port Coquitlam where it was rumored the grad class party had originated. My questions whether the schools have awareness campaigns regarding the environmental impact that grad parties can have and if they would be willing to send out students to help clean up these messes and assist with river cleanups remain unanswered to date.

Below are the photos of the latest mess that Knill and others refer to which come to the Voice courtesy of Chris Gadsden.


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Shotgun shells litter the area in the above photo.

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