Friday August 13, 2010

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McDonald Stuck On Recylcing 

Myrtle passes along some great recyling tips



Myrtle Macdonald, MSc.A - Nursing Education and Research, McGill University. Macdonald worked as an outreach nurse for many years in Montreal is now with the Chilliwack branch of the Schizophrenic Association of BC.


erhaps we could have stickers made to advertise our interests and concerns. Think about it.


In Alameda County we've found that a well-designed sticker on the outdoor container serves well to educate residents about what materials they can deposit.

We use combinations of photographs and words for recycling and plant/food waste. It also helps limit contamination from passers who are trying to find a place to deposit cans & bottles or trash.

I know from experience with other mailers they tend to get lost in the mail, end up in the recycling or misplaced.

Additionally we find the best course of action is to pay someone to place the stickers rather than allow residents to do it. When residents do it, stickers end up on cars, doors - anywhere but on the cart.

Wanda Redic, Recycling Specialist, City of Oakland, Calf. US 


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