Saturday August 7, 2010

Press Release

Mallory On The Move

But local photog will remain at the same historical Chilliwack location 



f you haven't already heard, I am no longer going to be a part of Adore pictures; a studio I opened last year in downtown Chilliwack with a business partner. After a lot of soul searching I've come to realize that I can't do it all and I just need to focus on doing what I love. As a result of this change, Adore pictures is moving and Kim Mallory Photography has taken over the downtown Chilliwack location.


This studio space is amazing and it has so much beauty and history, I am completely inspired by it. It was built over 100 years ago and after a bit of research I found out it was Chilliwack's first silent theatre and a meeting place of the local suffragettes; a woman's movement that fought to give woman their right to vote! It has old tin ceilings and beautiful hardwood floors and behind the drywall is still the original archway of the stage which can be seen if you poke your head into the attic. It's so cool!

I'm in the process of transforming this studio into a boutique style with the plan of taking the boudoir out of my home studio and expanding The Beautiful Woman Project to also include Pin-up Photography! Having this studio gives me more options for shooting clients and I'll also be hosting events & workshops. I will continue to work out of my home studio and as per usual, everything is by appointment.

If you are a local photographer, I will be leasing out some studio space and I'm also looking for services & products that compliment The Beautiful Woman Project. I want to create a really special space that will empower & pamper woman and I am open to all creative ideas. I have tons of space to work with and would love to create a co-op of businesses under the same roof so let's talk!

Fashion Inspired Family Photos

What a whirlwind of a year it's been. I can't believe it's August and the Fall Season is coming up soooo fast! I am ready for it though and planning ahead - and you should too!

I'm working on a digital layout that will give you a visual of clothing combination's for fall. Everything that I talk about in preparing - textures, layers, tones, coordinating but not matching! I mean, you want to look great right? I'll make it easy for you.

But before we plan your outfit, you will want to book your session. These sessions will book out fast and although I'm really compassionate and giving, I'm not going to be able to accommodate any last minute Larry's. I need to to set a Christmas cutoff so that I can get all the orders out in time!

I have posted some dates for Fall sessions. These are the first round of weekend dates that I've set aside for families for Chilliwack locations. You can keep your eye out on the blog here or Facebook page here for new dates as they become available.

Fall Weekend Dates

Sunday September 12th at Cultus Lake: 10am - 11:15am - 5:30pm and 6:45pm

Sunday, September 19th Urban Session: 10am - 11:15am - 5:30pm and 6:45pm

Saturday October 9th Field 10am - 11:15am - 5pm and 6:15pm

Sunday October 24th Park 10am - 11:15am - 5pm and 6:15pm

(times are subject to change)

I'll be shooting during the week too, so if you prefer a different date or location, just call me at 604-824-9917 or e-mail here.

Session fees are $175 and due at the time of booking. Christmas Cut-off October 31st.

Take Advantage of your Professional Photographer's Design Skills!

I believe if you are going to go to through the process of having professional photographs done, you should give your images the honor they deserve. Digital files or a handful of 4x6's just don't cut it in my world.


So, I recommend a gorgeous Magazine Style Album or an Image Box full of your favorite mounted 5x7's that will generate years of pleasure and tons of comments from your jealous friends and family! Create something with your images that you will cherish for a lifetime and pass down to your children. It may be more than what you had hoped to spend, but I promise you, you won't regret it. xo

For more information visit:  or or e-mail here.

Two Swanky Locations: 5256 Weeden Place & 46130 Yale Road, Chilliwack

Call for an appointment: 604-824-9917 or 604-316-3635


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