Monday August 9, 2010

Letter to Ed

Voice's Eco-rally "Blurb" Gets Help

Harrison Mills meeting was not exclusively about the CRV gravel pit


have received your email address from both Glen Thompson and Chris Gasden. This email is in response to the small blurb that was posted in your news paper yesterday. Anyone reading that excerpt would surmise that the rally was held pertaining to the Chilliwack River Valley issues only in regards to the APPs.


This is inaccurate as the Rally was sponsored by Area C Environmental Stewards (ACES) Society for the purpose of educating people of Area C to become informed as to the perils of the aggregate industries' headlong pursuit of aggregate production. Rafe Mair and Damien Gillis were guest speakers with members of the Chilliwack River Valley and Area E reps in attendance showing their support as each area is being faced with exactly the same issues whether it be environmental, habitat, health issues, noise pollution, dust mitigation, traffic issues, safety issues, or decline in property values - each and everyone of us will be affected.


As communities of this beautiful Fraser Valley, we need to stand together, support each other, and let our voices be heard. Only in numbers can we gain credibility.


We would appreciate a rewording of the original statement to reflect what actually occurred.


Jan Longmore

Director (Area C Environmental Stewards ACES Society)


Editors Note: The Voice apologizes for any confusion our article caused.




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