Tuesday August 3, 2010

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City Is Saving Water

Watering restrictions in place to end of September

Craig Hill/Voice   


part from the restrictions already in place, there will be no further watering restrictions at this time in the City of Chilliwack. However, the City will continue to monitor usage as we head into the second half of our water conservation campaign.

"We're really happy with the water usage levels thus far," said Mayor Sharon Gaetz. "Our goal is to reduce water consumption by twenty per cent during the summer months and so far we're on track towards achieving that goal."

The City of Chilliwack is asking homeowners to continue abiding by the twice weekly watering restrictions until the end of September. Even numbered addresses are permitted to water on Wednesdays and Saturdays while odd numbered addresses can water on Thursdays and Sundays. Sprinkling is allowed between 5am until 8am or between 7pm and 10 pm.

Watering flower and vegetable gardens, shrubs, and trees is permitted at any time. A spring-loaded hose or watering can is recommended. Drip irrigation systems are the most efficient watering technique and are exempt from the sprinkling regulations.

As the majority of water consumption comes from domestic use, the City of Chilliwack's 'In Home Conservation Kit' was created to help address some of the high usage areas around the home. The kits are available at the Engineering Department at City Hall for $14.26 plus taxes. It is estimated that the cost of the kit can be recovered in just one billing period (3 months) through the reduction in water usage.

The City of Chilliwack currently has one of the best sources of drinking water in the world, the Sardis-Vedder Aquifer. Residents are extremely proud of this great tasting water and the City is dedicated to monitoring, protecting, and conserving this resource. We want to ensure residents will continue to be able to enjoy this high quality water for years to come. For more water conservation tips please go to: www.chilliwack.com/water