Thursday July 27, 2017 


Waterwealth Weighs in on PSF deal with KM

BC government needs to step up to the plate  

Ian Stephen, dir.,Waterwealth Project/Voice 2015 file photos


Ian Stephen at Chilliwack City Hall in 2015.


aterwealth Campaign Director, Ian Stephen, told The Voice that after reviewing announcements from Kinder Morgan and the Pacific Salmon Foundation, that the LNG project at Port Edward is heading in the wrong direction and should at least be backed in part by the provincial government.


"While many kinds of valuable work can be done most cost-effectively by making use of community groups, and there is an element of the valid concept of polluter-pay in this announcement, the sort of essential work and education that Pacific Salmon Foundation foresees through this agreement should not be dependent on the good graces of Industry., says Stephen.


"The need for the programs this agreement will fund exists to a significant degree because of the multi-decade withdrawal of government from areas that once were and should be government responsibility. It is government that should be providing the foundation for effective use of these sort of community resources, with sustainable funding mechanisms that do not leave community groups begging or disappearing when the largess of some industry player runs out."

Although Stephen says  that the money for the project is there, but not if a spill happens but cautions the more the terminal heats the water on the migration routes, the fewer fish there are.

"The $500,000 for third-party construction assessment is entirely appropriate to the project. The other $2.5-million is Kinder Morgan PR money.

One bad spill from that pipeline could do damage many times greater, as well as damage that cannot be measured in dollars." he explains. "Even without an accident, a major factor in the threats faced by declining Fraser Salmon populations in warming waters. Kinder Morgan is of an industry that warmed those waters and continues increasingly to do so."

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