Friday August 11, 2017 



The Big Squeeze

It's all about money, votes and who gets what, but whose money is it?

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Rafe Mair speaks out against Trans Mountain's plan in 2012.


he provincial government put Kinder Morgan (KM) on notice again today. This is for votes in the next election and the chance to squeeze  KM for moneyŚwith citizen's approval of course, based on feigned environmental concerns. The federal government, ditto. The native communities want money and are fronting it with environmental concerns. Last but not least, KM. Money. Any consternation from those four and it's a truckload of BS. It's one wheelbarrow after another heaped with BS.


Governments should never have been allowed to act on citizens' behalf. Citizens should have had advocates at the table.


Local print media is going to be kissing a lot of butt and scrubbing it all nice and clean. To print media it's about money. It'll be interesting to see how they sugar coat it without pissing anyone off and lose advertising revenue.


Print media Editor Greg Knill will have his little say so in his editorial, or hand it off to someone far removed from Chilliwack with the Black Press byline. I'll have my little say so too, but we'll be polar opposites.

A few minutes ago, KM responded to the provincial government's demands by saying they have almost 200 conditions to adhere to and how BC is setting precedents in its demands. Why? Because it's the end of the road for the pipeline and all those entities know it. So now is their last chance to apply pressure. This pipeline is going through and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

I'll be sharing both statements with readers shortly.

I've been covering this story from the first meeting in 2012 when KM announced their plans. I remember the fist-shaking  Rafe Mair, who's been against the project from day one, was at the meeting. The main photo on his website is one I took of him when he was standing up and voicing his concerns. But it did nothing. I was just looking at an item from 2014 when KM officials met with locals at the Coast Hotel. Three years is a long time. We don't have to be defeatist to see the big picture but it doesn't matter now.

The only ones who care about the environment are those who aren't seeing any money. You and I. Even though citizens are the ones holding every level of government's feet to the fire, they get nothing. Would people bitch if KM gave everyone in BC $500? $1000? And if so, how much bitching would be going on then? That would only be $3 billion to shut everyone up. Maybe KM should have worked that into their $5 billion budget. It's about money all the way up the chain. If BC got dollars then Alberta would want their share. Then governments would have to take a cut in their shares because God forbid the citizens get money.

The bottom line is environmentalists should never have fought the pipeline. It's going through no matter what they did. Right now, all levels of government civil servants have been putting the screws into KM on this last leg  to see how much they can squeeze them for.

What environmentalists should have been fighting for all along is how much cold hard cash citizens are going to get. Instead, it's all going to governments so they can balance their books.  

After this last round of punches, KM is against the ropes and the only way they can win the fight is to start printing money.

But they shouldn't let the ink dry on the presses because they can bet their bottom dollar they'll need more in the future when Environment Canada and Transport Canada come knocking.

Environmentalists should have seen from day one they couldn't stop the pipeline. Instead they've affected public opinion and misdirected BC citizens. They wasted all their campaign time, energy and money going after it the wrong way. The governments have made monkeys out of us because we're all stupid and who made us that way?

Now, environmentalists are busy patting themselves on the backs for being so courageous and fighting the good fight.

Sure there are some vague environment concerns, but it's dollars that win wars and thank you, now citizens and in the future get nothing. Environmentalists made sure of that.


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