Thursday December 15, 2011

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Wild At The Wheel

Chilliwack Tow truck driver makes a citizen's arrest

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The bashful Kevin Sommerville talks about what happened Thursday when his tow truck was stolen by a drunken madman.

hilliwack RCMP knew they had a menace behind the wheel somewhere in the city, but whenever he popped up, they couldn’t chase him even though he was running road blocks like the one on Lickman Rd. at Chilliwack Mountain Wednesday night. Police knew if they pursued there was no way he was going to stop and public safety would be put at risk. So all they could do was just watch and wait for their chance to apprehend him.

Enter tow truck driver Kevin Sommerville.

What began as a run-of-the-mill day for the affable employee of Chilliwack Towing, ended at about 2:45 P.M. when he was forced to save his truck, himself and possibly the lives of others on Wolfe Rd in a wild wild west drama that unfolded Thursday afternoon.

The trouble started when he came across a freshly-ditched, late model silver Toyota on the curve across from the Schweyey Nation Band and stopped and offered to help.

The driver of the Toyota–who was standing near the truck with his two pit bulls, caught Sommerville completely off-guard when all of a sudden he left the two dogs behind, jumped inside the truck and threw it in gear.

With cat-like reflexes, Sommerville lunged for his truck and throwing open the passenger door and getting inside just as it roared off.

The vehicle flew down Wolf Rd. just barely missing a pole and an elderly couple in their vehicle as the two desperately fought inside the cab.

And the dogs were chasing the truck.

The unlikely hero finally overpowered the suspect and aimed the truck off the road where it came to rest in front of the sewage plant.

The clash continued, spilling out onto the grass along with a bottle of Crown Victoria. The suspect put up a ferocious battle and more hand-to-hand combat ensued.

According to Sommerville, they rolled around scrapping like junkyard dogs until he gained the upper hand and affected a citizen’s arrest.

But it was a rowdy fight from the get-go.

“He tried to hit me, threw the bottle at me,” he said excitedly in a strong Newfie accent. “I was punching him and taking shots.”

Chilliwack Towing owner Don Linefelder, who lives nearby, was alerted by Sommerville on the cell phone.

“He called me screaming,” he said. 

Linefelder was able to arrive at the scene within a couple of minutes after getting the frantic call from his employee, but by then Sommerville was already perched on his trophy being cautious because the suspect threatened with a hypodermic needle.

 “I know he said he had a needle in his pocket, and that’s why I moved up and sat on his back,” explained Sommerville excitedly. “I don’t know what that needle has in it or what he has.”

According to Sommerville, even the suspect's own dogs didn't like him and they bit at him.

Another passing driver said that he “stopped just to help out, to see what’s going on.”

The couple travelling in up Wolfe Rd. told the Voice they had the scare of their lives when the tow truck veered at them.

“It was a dangerous situation,” said the driver. “He almost took me and my wife out.”

The two towers  joked about not getting the call then because the silver Toyota was more than likely headed to the police impound yard.

But they shrugged that off. They were just happy no one was seriously injured and the truck was almost all in one piece.

The menace was taken by ambulance to Chilliwack General where he was treated for unknown injuries and then to cells at about 4:19 P.M.

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