Feature Story                                                                      Wednesday 12, 2017


Beer and Skittles

Brewmasters capture West Coast Taste

John DeJong, Ravens Brewery/Photos submitted


Ravens Brewery Nick Fengler adds the hops. Below, John Dejong, sales manager.

avens Brewing was started in 2015 by local entrepreneur, Paul Sweeting. Inspired by the local agricultural and wonderful craft beer coming out of the surrounding area, Paul decided to start Ravens Brewing Company in the heart of the Fraser Valley.

Inspired by a shared love of craft beer and the surrounding agricultural community, Head Brewer Nick Fengler, was brought on to help create beers that focus on utilizing traditional and locally sourced ingredients to produce European inspired West Coast beers.

Ravens Brewing takes traditional European beer styles as inspiration and puts a West Coast spin on them. With a focus on making great, consistent, and to style beers, Ravens Brewing Company has set itself apart with its beer lineup.

With four core brewers, Sumas Mountain Lager, English Dark Mild, West Coast Pale Ale, and IPA, and a long list of seasonal and experimental beers there is something for everyone.

Ravens Brewing Company is located at:

2485 Townline Road Abbotsford BC.


For more information call 604. 758.1557 or contact John via e-mail here.


'Beer and skittles' means a life of indulgence spent in the pub











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