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Don't Need it, or Don't Want it?

Another skewed Strahl survey surfaces

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he surveys that MP Mark Strahl reportedly sends out to "every mailbox in Chilliwack" don't land in my mailbox. Never have.


Obviously, Strahl has no idea what is actually happening in a city nearing 100,000 people, and what constituents want, so he has to send out these so-called surveys using ratepayer dollars to ask a question when the answer is staring him straight in the face.


His latest survey asked constituents if a safe injection site is necessary. The result was no.  These are the people who refuse to look at the issue in an unbiased way. They seem to be divorced from reality.


In my opinion, it's political football and only a sampling of what the population thinks. But where do all these surveys go?

With all due respect, this latest survey is skewed and the local rag   platelickers scrub clean the messages simply for the reason that they may lose advertising dollars. 

I'm not beholden to any entity, group or organization. So I can speak my mind about any issue without having to worry about losing advertising dollars.


For that, I'm glared at, stared at, and have endured every dirty look and rash comments, goofy Facebook posts, door-kicking and forms of abuse and physical attacks that you can only imagine, with the exception of being tattooed with Mickey Mantle baseball bats (of which I have been threatened with), there is from every corner of this city that refuses to grow up and start acting like a real city. We're talking haters, from top to bottom, most of whom I have no idea who they are. They just like taking liberties.

This isn't a district-specific issue. Drug addiction is a big city crisis. Chilliwack isn't an island and is being hit just as hard as anywhere else. It's high time Chilliwack joined the rest of the country in acknowledging that there is a problem.

There's a needle exchange program in Chilliwack, but the survey results have apparently indicated that a safe injection site isn't necessary. Apparently, they think it will increase drug use.

Don't need it, or don't want it?

Even if no one uses the facility, its there in case they need it. This will also free up emergency responders from some calls. Ask them.


Recently, former NDP leader Mike Harcourt came out of the woodwork with sage advice to legalize all drugs which will solve many societal problems like thievery, gang wars, killings, guns on the streets.


There is the argument that the gangs will find something else to traffic in. Like what? Prostitution is too visible to avoid the heat from the cops.

This is obviously just another example of Strahl towing the Tories' rough and tumble party line.

I think this item speaks more to what the population wants–the ones who didn't bother filling out a survey and tossed it in the trash, where the rest of these surveys belong. They're just indicative that Strahl is out to lunch on local problems.

All this leaves you wondering what's next from Strahl?

You tell me.



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