Friday, April 14, 2017 


Local News

Bats to Old Growth Medicine

Footprint Press Issue 19 chock-a-block with local information

Tracey Lyster


Swainson's thrush nestlings, Bruce Klaassen, Silverdale.


e are very excited to release issue 19 of the Footprint Press magazine.  It is full of amazing photos, artwork and fascinating information about local environmental issues.


Hard copies of the magazine will be available in the next few weeks at local libraries, businesses, UFV and elsewhere. Issue 19 and back issues can also be viewed online at

This month features:

Yvette John- Old Growth Medicine
Val Pack- Townsend's Big-eared bat
Carl R. Koehler- Why purchase a Bat House?
A. Murdoch- Did you know these groups of animals?
T. Lyster- Report: Mission's Proposed new OCP
Ben West-Empowering Alter. to Kinder Morgan
Artwork by: R. LaRock and C. Louise Stephen. 
Cover thrush nestlings, Bruce Klaassen, Silverdale.

Courtesy photos: Sarah Doyle, Jenn Barret (SCBat), Charlene Aleck, Dave Burroughs.


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