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Off in Wonderland

Epilepsy Centre staff have put together an Alice in Wonderland evening full of surprises May 13

Andrea Critchley, The Center for Epilepsy and Seizure Education BC


Epilepsy Centre staff have put together an Alice in Wonderland evening full of surprises. Below, Yuk-Yuks comedian/magician Chris Yuill will help make it a memorable evening.

woman drops face-first to the ground and starts convulsing. A crowd gathers and watch unsure of what to do. Someone calls an ambulance.

The medics quickly arrive and stand there watching as the woman flails on the ground.

"Look, they don't know what to do," said one man pointing at the medics.

In fact they know exactly what to do and the first thing they don't do is restrain someone in convulsions because they may hurt the person even worse by them tearing muscles and also ambulance crews can get hurt.

Some get off lucky and just bash their head before they come out of it.

One medic leans down to see if she's breathing, checks for pulse. Nothing. He bolts to the ambulance.

The woman calms down somewhat and the medics manage to get her onto a stretcher.

He returns with a plastic bulb with a spout on one end and inserts it into the woman's mouth.

All this while a stunned crowd watches.

The medic squeezes the bulb pumping air into her lungs and then climbs into the ambulance while "breathing for her". They take off to the hospital.

And just like that she's dead.

The Epilepsy Centre are excited to present “An Evening in Wonderland”, the 2017 Gala Event. Celebrate at this fun-filled evening of cocktails, comedy, magic, prizes, a delicious dinner, dance, Comic-Magician Chris Yuill , Live and Silent Auctions, WestJet raffle, Live photo booths, and all with the "Alice in Wonderland" theme of a fun -filled evening for you and your friends!.

Join special guest Emcee, Roo Phelps. Meet Mayor Randy Hawes and Mayor Henry Braun, dignitaries, businesses leaders and other special guests will be there for this special night of PURPLE magical characters and fun as they celebrate to help a great cause!

The community's support makes a difference right here in our community! As this is a themed event, similar to Alice in Wonderland, dress up is promoted, but not required. Try and wear something with purple to help support and promote the "cause," says

When: 6 P.M. Saturday, May 13, 2017

Where: Abbotsford Banquet and Conference Center, 33738 Laurel St.

Tickets: $75 per person

The Table Sponsor is $550 – for a full table of 8 people, your logo will be displayed on the table and on other media and mentions at the event as well. For more information  on how to be  sponsor visit here.

For advertising information, visit here. For more information on other advertising partnerships at the event visit here.


Approximately 50,000 people die each year in the USA from status epilepticus (prolonged seizures), SUDEP, and other seizure-related causes. SUDEP accounts for 8-17% of deaths in people with epilepsy. The risk of sudden death in young adults with epilepsy is increased 24-fold compared to the general population.





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