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Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Locals pull together to get the junk out

Voice staff, Kikki Rekman Clean Rivers 2016 photos


Sardis Secondary School Ecomaniacs were hard at work in 2016.

hey did it again. Caring volunteers were out Sunday this year picking up garbage thoughtless people left behind alongside the Chilliwack-Vedder River.


Each year the group fills up a large truck container with all types of trash from mattresses to pop cans.


It goes without saying that the entire community is grateful to them for a job that goes thankless much of the time.


Thanks also to www.cleanrivers.ca for their determination to keep the area free from debris. If no one did this, the river banks would soon look like a landfill.


If you're travelling up and down the river, please take your garbage with you.


Last year 172 people took part in the cleanups in April 2016


There is no final tally available yet of the amount of garbage collected this year.


"Tim Hortonís and the Chilliwack Water Store are generously providing the refreshments and if people bring their own water bottle and/or travel mug they will be entered into a draw for a Tim Hortonís gift card. We want people to stop using single-use cups so we are giving them some incentive," Kikki Rekman told The Voice on Sunday.


The next cleanup is at the Great Blue Heron Reserve.


For more information on the work that Clean Rivers do in the community, visit www.cleanrivers.ca


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