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What Cyclists?

City announces millions of dollars for bicycle lanes



ere we go again with another brilliant scheme to spend millions of your tax dollars.


The City of Chilliwack, councillors, and Cycle Vision want to spend $36 million on a lane for bicycles while Chilliwack General Hospital crumbles and there isn't even an MRI.


When was the last time you saw a cyclist? Those are the ones who wear helmets and don't ride around town on kid's BMX bicycles scanning for anything not nailed down.



The mayor says she wants to see more people get active and use bicycles. When was the last time she ever rode a bicycle? I know when. I took a picture.

The City constructed a new skateboard park in Sardis that remains empty much of the year. Even at its busiest, 5 or 6 kids might use it in nice weather.


They spent untold amounts of money constructing an off-road bicycle park on Cartmell that's as big as three or four backyards. Another pricey incentive that goes unused. At the ribbon-cutting for that one they asked me not to photograph  the kids without helmets because it wouldn't look good.


Now they're spending more millions constructing another skateboard park at the Landing. If it's like all the rest of them, this one will sit empty most of the year.


It was reported recently that "157" feedback forms (with leading questions) were filled out last year from a population nearing 100,000. Not bad. But do 157 questionnaires justify spending $36 million dollars?


Last week, the BC Liberal government sent out a release stating that they were tossing in over $150,000 for a bicycle lane on Industrial Way. Where?


If you want to know where your property taxes are going, ask City Hall, the mayor and councillors.


This new job is primarily a make-work project. Another backroom sweetheart deal for contractors.


How about pouring that money into something that will help the entire community, not just 157 part time bicycle riders?


A few years ago, I was at a ribbon-cutting at CGH (and had The Voice cover inserted into the time capsule that was buried at the front doors) that was all about a very nice new waiting room. This was so that all the people waiting there hours for help could be more comfy.


I'm not against cyclists. I rode across the country on a bicycle. But I didn't need a $36 million lane for a few blocks to do it.


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