Saturday, April 22, 2017 


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Mistreatment  of Farm Animals

SPCA investgation comes down on disgusting Mission property

Lori Chortyk, BC SPCA/Submitted photos


One of the pigs seized from the Mission property. Below, more animmals.

C SPCA constables seized 25 sick and neglected animals from a Mission property yesterday.


The animals included nine pigs, three goats, three turkeys, two alpacas, two horses, a llama, a miniature horse, a miniature pony and a calf. Two dogs – an Akita cross and a hound cross – were also seized.


The farm animals are being cared for at the Surrey Branch of the BC SPCA, in the society’s Good Shepherd large animal barn.

“The animals were suffering from a wide range of medical conditions due to neglect,” said Eileen Drever, BC SPCA senior animal protection officer. “Issues included serious malnourishment, parasites, skin and eye conditions, lice, flared hooves and heavy matting.” She also noted that the property was strewn with hazardous debris.

During the execution of the warrant SPCA staff and others on the property were pepper sprayed by the owner of the animals, who was subsequently arrested.

The investigation continues and charges of animal cruelty will be recommended in the case.


If you are aware of any situation like this one, please contact the SPCA so that they can investigate.



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