Thursday, April 9, 2015

City Seen

Turtle's Tale

Salish Park's pond turtles may be amongst the rarest things in Canada

Staff/Voice photos


Salish Park turtles share some prime real estate with a bird and everybody's happy in the sun on Thursday.


gleam shot from the eyes of Ian Parnell, M.S., former Species at Risk (SAR) field Biologist with Environment Canada's Recovery Unit when The Voice told him about our Salish Park pond turtles, at the Species at Risk Open House back in March.


"I'll tell our field biologists," he said. "Maybe they can come out and check them."


Environment Canada lists the Pacific Pond Turtle as "extirpated". According to Parnell, that means no longer found in Canada which would have been a species that was found in Canada originally.


But, our Salish Park turtles could just be regular old turtles but we love them just as much.


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