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Police take-down house occupants after gun call, an RCMP officer hit by a car and more this week

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An RCMP ERT member gives directions to a suspect after receiving a call that a residents had a handgun in a house at Woodbine and Maple. Below, a woman wearing a "spit hood" is escorted to Chilliwack General Hospital.


n Thursday, April 17, police received reports that a woman with drug or mental issues, living at the Chilliwack Health Contact Centre on Hodgins Ave., had barricaded herself in her unit and was smashing things up.


Police got by the barricade and used a conduced electrical weapon (Taser) to subdue her. Because her behaviour was so erratic, a bag was placed over her head commonly known as a ďspit hoodĒ to protect responders from being spat on. She was then taken to Chilliwack General Hospital.


The following Friday, at around 1:30 p.m., police responded to a gun call at Woodbine and Maple. According to reports, a man left a house there and approached a Shaw Cable vehicle and told the employee that someone allegedly had a gun in the house.


A few minutes later, the RCMP Emergency Response Team (ERT) and police had the house surrounded and hailed people inside to come out with their hands up. One by one, suspects came out and were detained.


There were mixed comments from neighbours about activity around the house. Some said they didnít think it was a crack house while others said it was.


Apparently, no weapon was located, but some stolen items were found.


Police notified Chilliwack Middle School and the principal there was locked it down and students werenít allowed to leave until the situation was under control.


This seems to be a common tactic used by drug dealers who donít like each other.



A cyclist is checked by First Responders after colliding with a vehicle at Young Rd. and Fifth Ave. on Sunday.


Also on Friday, Mounties responded to a call that a man was threatening and waving a 2x4 around in the backyard of a home on Spadina Ave. Police received the call from another man who was at Chilliwack General Hospital. Itís not clear if the man at CGH was actually injured by the erratic man.


A RCMP ERT member showed up and spoke with the suspect and no arrests were made.



First Responders and paramedics assist a senior after she was hit by a vehicle while in her motorized wheelchair on Monday.


On Sunday, just before noon, a man on an electric bicycle was involved in an MVA on Young Rd. at Fifth Ave. First responders were on the scene within minutes and checked the manís pulse and other vitals. Luckily, he appeared to have suffered only minor injuries. He was taken to CGH for further treatment.


Medics and First Responders attend to an RCMP who was hit by a car at Mary and Hodgins Monday was hit by a car. Below, a Mountie speaks with a man reported to be threatening people with a 2x4 on Spadina last Friday.


On Monday, shortly after 9 a.m., a senior in a motorized wheelchair was hit by a car while crossing the street at Mary St and Hodgins Ave.


The woman remained on the road until paramedics and firefighters were able to place her onto a gurney at which time she was taken to hospital with undetermined injuries.


That same day, an officer who was directing traffic at the scene of the wheelchair accident, was hit by a car. Reports were he suffered leg injuries and was taken to CGH which is right there at the corner.




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