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Pair of alleged weapon calls, a small fire, a two-vehicle crash and some empty bellies filled

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Police wait for a suspect to come out of a First Ave home after tracking a suspect there on Saturday.


hilliwack RCMP and the Fire Department were busy last week. Here's a little sampling of what was going on in your town.


Around 5 p.m. on Saturday, Mounties were called to Salish Park after getting reports that three men were fighting. It was alleged that one man had a gun and a knife. The man was last seen running toward the Dairy Queen on Young Rd.


Police moved in and set up a perimeter, essentially sealing the area off, while a Police Dog Services K9 unit tried to acquire a track on the individual.


When reports indicate a weapon is seen, in most cases, the Emergency Response Team is called to the scene.

The K9 searched the area and the trail led to a house in the 45900-block of First Ave.


The house was surrounded. Residents told police that the suspect was in fact there, but ran out the back and went over a fence.


However, the scent trail kept coming back to the home. So, police believed the man was inside and hailed the suspect by name, telling the him to come out the rear with his hands up. When they received no response, the home was searched with the dog and the man was located inside.


It was determined then the individual was no threat and so he was not arrested.











Friday, April 10, 2015

Kitchen Fire

No injuries in Woodbine kitchen fire


Chilliwack firefighters ensure there were no injuries and a kitchen fire didn't spread last Friday.


n Friday, April 10, City of Chilliwack firefighters were called out to a small kitchen at condo in the 9300-block of Woodbine Street.


By the time crews arrived, the fire was extinguished and residents had evacuated.


Crews checked to see if the fire extended into the wall and used a fan to clear the home of any smoke.


There were no injuries to residents of firefighters.








Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spadina Crash

No serious injuries after pickup truck plows into a SUV


A couple and a woman were involved in a crash on Spadina Ave last weekend. 


lso on Saturday, at about 6 p.m., City of Chilliwack firefighters were called out to a motor vehicle accident in front of the Lions Club Hall on Spadina Avenue.


Reports at the time were that a Nissan SUV was pulling out of a full parking lot there when it the front-end was clipped by a 4x4 pickup truck travelling south on Spadina.


No one was hurt in the accident, however, the pickup truck driver complained of a sore shoulder when the airbag deployed.


Firefighters checked pickup driver and a female passenger for injuries and also disabled the electrical systems on both vehicles to avoid a fire. There were some fluids that leaked from the vehicles, so absorbent was used. Both vehicles were writeoffs.




















Saturday, April 11, 2015

Suspicious Vehicle

Car emptied of passengers and towed after reports of weapon


Passengers in this car were told they had to exit because the vehicle was being towed.


olice were called after a Chevy Epica with a carload of males was seen circling and driving back and forth on Henley Avenue last Saturday.


Mounties caught up with the vehicle on Young Rd.


After a few minutes, the men inside the vehicle got out left the scene. One of them approached The Voice's vehicle a half a block away, tapped on it and said "Sorry" indicating that there were no photos of anyone being arrested.


Who told them?


The driver remained at the scene with the car. A tow truck eventually took the vehicle away, likely due to insurance or licencing issues.






 Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Dinner

No injuries in Woodbine kitchen fire


Folks lined up for free Easter Dinner April 5 at Five Corners in Chilliwack.


n Sunday, April 5, dozens of low-income Chilliwack residents lined up at Five Corners Park for a free dinner courtesy of SPARKS Special People Acts of Random Kindness.


Thanks to the Salvation Army volunteer coordinator for the information.








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