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A Pooch, Paving & Pot Luck

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By Peter Whitlock, Pres., Ryder Lake Farmer's Institute


esident Dave Harder inquired with the City about roadwork in the area.


"Since spring is here and some of the potholes on the roads are getting worse, I thought I would enquire about the paving schedule for roads in the Ryder Lake area. Here is the response I received from the City that you can pass on to residents," wrote Harder.


Dwayne Spies, Senior Roads Technician, Engineering Dept for the City of Chilliwack responded as follows;

I understand that you would appreciate an update regarding the tentative schedule for the paving of roads in the Ryder Lake area.

A priority for road work in the Ryder Lake area for the last several years has been the reinforcement of sections that are susceptible to base failure. This type of work is very costly so it is being done in phases in balance with other road maintenance needs throughout the community. This year we plan to reconstruct the settled portion of Elk View Road at the sharp curve just downhill from Wincott Road. Over the next few years we will extend the installation of micropiles at weak sections on Elk View from Wincott to the upper intersection with Ryder Lake Road. Once that work is complete Elk View Road will be repaved on a priority basis.

Also this year, we plan to pave Ryder Lake Road from Extrom Road to Huston Road. Last year the collapsed and weak section of Thornton Road was reconstructed and reinforced so this year the complete section between the lower intersection with Extrom Road and Sparrow Road will be paved.

In 2016 it is expected that Extrom Road from Sherlaw to Ryder Lake Road will be paved and in 2017 Extrom from Sherlaw to Briteside will be done. In 2018 Ryder Lake Road from Elk View to Ross and all of Ross Road are expected to be repaved.

Potluck Dinner
A reminder that on Saturday April 25 there will be a pot luck dinner to honor our local fireman. We have invited current and past members and their families and asked everyone to bring a dish for this event. Ryder Lake Hall 5:30 dinner at 6pm

We will be setting up the Hall at 10am Friday and any volunteers to help with this are appreciated. It should not take more than an hour with four or five volunteers.

Ryder Lake pot luck dinners are always well attended and the food is always great. We look forward to a fun evening.

Missing Dog
A chocolate lab has gone missing from Lemkys it is more red than anything it is about 5 years old and very sweet and sadly missed. Male with blue collor no tags. Very loving dog great temperament. We live at the end of Voight Rd. his name is Rambo! Please help us find him. If anyone has seen Rambo, they can call at 604 858 4162.

Thanks to Peter Whitlock, President, Ryder Lake Farmers' Institute for the above community information. Learn more about the RLFI here.

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