Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Dangerous Brawl

Early morning fight leads to Patton Ave stabbing

Staff/Voice photos


A stabbing victim is loaded into an ambulance last Friday on Patton Ave. Below, a PDS K9 tries to acquire a track on the suspect.


n early morning melee on Patton Ave. last Friday led to a stabbing that left one man with serious injuries and another with defensive cuts to a hand.


By the time RCMP secured the scene, around 2:30 a.m., and paramedics could move in, the knife-wielding suspect was long gone.


The victim, bleeding profusely and writhing on the ground, was quickly loaded into the ambulance and then taken to Chilliwack General Hospital for assessment of his injuries. He was later moved to Royal Columbian Hospital fighting for his life and slipping in and out of consciousness.


Police quickly taped the area off and brought in a Police Dog Services K9 unit to search for the suspect. Bewildered apartment residents stood by watching the events unfold.


RCMP IDENT was brought in later to analyze the crime scene. Reports at the time indicated the victim didn't, or couldn't, provide police with the name of the suspect.


Cpl. Mike Rail with the Chilliwack RCMP told The Voice later in the day, that details of the incident, including the man's condition, could not be released because the investigation was "ongoing".


Details of this crime as reported may change when we learn more from the RCMP later.



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