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The Roundup

Wheelchair finds its way home, mailbox thefts and a wayward bus

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An RCMP K9 unit searched for a possible suspect in the theft of a child's electric mobility chair.


ast week, Laura Kew, 6, had her electric mobility chair stolen from her parents Van.

"What kind of person steals a wheelchair?" asked the mother in an online Twitter post afterwards.


Word shot out into the community and over the next week, various sources came together and managed to collect upwards of $20,000 in donations more than enough to cover the cost of a new chair.

On Tuesday, police confirmed with The Voice that they received a tip Sunday, April 5, regarding the whereabouts of the chair at the foot of Wellington Ave.

Once located, Mounties brought in a K9 unit and acquired a scent from the chair. The police dog took off tracking through a field into Squiala Reserve, but officers came up empty-handed.

The Voice posted in Twitter on Sunday that reports were the Kews family electric mobility wheelchair may have been located.

On Tuesday, the Chilliwack RCMP confirmed it was Kew's chair found April 5.

"With the media attention, someone did the right thing and called RCMP with the wheel chair location," said Cpl. Mike Rail media spokesperson for the RCMP UFVRD.

Rail said the theft is still being investigated.

Community Mailboxes Trashed

Ryder Lake residents confused about where to get their mail at

Photo by D. Bendsen

Elkview Rd residents were shocked at the extent of damage to their community mailbox last week. Below, a response from Canada Post. To read it, right-click on it and save it.

ast Thursday, a thief, or thieves, popped all the doors on the community mailboxes at Elk Road by Ryder Lake Hall.

"The mailboxes are no longer useable," wrote Ryder Lake Farmer's Institute president, Peter Whitlock.

As of April 4th, the boxes still had not been repaired.

Whitlock said he had several emails asking where they were supposed to get their mail in the interim, and if he had any idea when the boxes would be repaired/replaced.

Whitlock was given a 1 800 267 1177 customer service number.

"I called and they cannot tell you anything on the phone. There will be a notice eventually posted on the damaged boxes with information but they cannot tell on the phone what it will say or if it is
already posted or not," he said.

Anyone wishing to enquire must call the 1 800 number and within five working days they will respond to you.

This Only a Test

Bus sign alerts residents to call police


The driver of this bus pushed the wrong button which brought up a help sign instead of it's destination.

f it really was an emergency, the community would have done well.

On Wednesday, a bus was spotted on Broadway with its display sign on the front showing "Emergency Call Police" and someone did call 9-1-1. Then two more people called and the bus finally stopped at First Ave and Spadina St.

Instead of being a real emergency, it was just an error after a local bus driver pushed the wrong button which led to police searching for it.


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