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Misfortune Cookies

MacDonald talks about how factory food is unhealthy

By Myrtle Macdonald, Chilliwack


like the taste of many of Dare products but I rarely buy them because of poor nutrition. Even your Digestive biscuits and oatmeal cookies are not nutritious. I read labels carefully. 


For several years because they are junk food, I have refused to buy Girl Guide Cookies. On their web site they claim to have a connection with Dare Cookies.


For the health and well being of children and adults please correct the recipes of your many varieties of cookies:


1.)  They contain much white flour so have no fibre.  For longer shelf-life they contain no wheat germ. Milling discards at least 35 nutrients.


2).  It is good that they have no transfat but the Canola oil used is genetically modified (GM), due to the power and false science of multinational Monsanto. Both transfat and GM fat are junk food. I have international evidence that GM is one of the major reasons for obesity.  Continued below.


3).  Most cookies are too sweet.  Cut down the sucrose sugar by half and use no Glucose/fructose. It is a toxic synthetic product.  The human brain is unable to tell us when we have had enough, so we overeat. 


I want real nutrition without hidden malnutrition.  These are processed food industry-wide problems.  Dare Cookies as a major food processor can become a leader to correct these three very serious problems.  Stop producing junk food.


You already have made progress by aiming to stop using transfat.  You may not realize that it was hydrogenation that changed vegetable oil into saturated transfat. Transfat is very toxic to liver, heart, joints and lungs and causes obesity also.  Unsaturated molecules of fat are of great value in the healing and repair of every cell of the body.  Hydrogenation, heat, chemicals and light all damage vegetable fats.


Some processed foods now list vegetable oil on their labels. Buyer beware. That may be a cover-up for still hydrogenating it.  The Food and Drug division should be vigilant about this hidden crime.


Monsanto slyly control what is included on labels and contains genetically modified ingredients not listed. Whistle-blowers in the Food and Drug division have been silenced, demoted or fired. Organic Canola Farmers in Saskatchewan and the USA were heavily fined for stealing GM canola. The only way it got on their fields was through spread of pollen by bees and wind.

Bees are going extinct because of Monsanto RoundUp herbicide/pesticide. Similarly many varieties of indigenous corn and bananas have gone extinct in Central America and Mexico. Cotton farming in India was destroyed. Canadian Canola is cheap and has replaced coconut oils (Dalda and Cocogem) in India. There is an obesity epidemic in India. I lived in India 16 years for long periods between 1946 and 1981, so noticed changes. 



About Myrtle

Myrtle Macdonald,  M.Sc. Applied (in Nursing Research and Education), McGill University.


She is a retired registered nurse living in Chilliwack and now working with the local chapter of the BC Schizophrenia Association. Myrtle was a street nurse for many years in places like India and Montreal. She turned 93 in June and is one of the Voice's most popular contributors.



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