Wednesday, April 22, 2015


The Business of Political Fundraising

Times Colonist newspaper tied into BC Liberal Party donations says reader

By Kathy Read, Agassiz


he federal government is not allowed to receive donations from corporations, so, why is our provincial government allowed? It is surely time that rule changed.


Now we know why our local newspapers won't publish letters from subscribers who are saying things against the Liberal government and their crooked ways of running this province.

We now also know one reason why BC Hydro is getting it's way and bypassing the laws of this province.

Accounting Firm KPMG donated $40,950 to the Liberals. KPMG was hired by BC Hydro hired to do an "independent review" of the cost of the Site C dam costs of $8.8B. Any project like this is should go before the BC Utilities Commission for review but the BC government decided to ignore an expert recommendation for BCUC review and accept the KPMG report as written.


This is against the laws of our province.

Since 2005, KPMG and its bevy of associated companies, have given $284,994 to the BC Liberals and $13,150 to the NDP.

One very large donation of question is one for $28,750 from the Alberta Newspaper Group to the Liberals.


This company does not have any papers in B.C. The kicker is that it is run and partially owned by British Columbian David Radler the same David Radler who went to jail, alongside his business partner Conrad Black, after they were convicted of defrauding their own company Hollinger Inc.


Alberta Newspaper Group is a subsidiary of Glacier Media, which owns the Victoria Times Colonist. David Radler was named the acting publisher of the Victoria Times Colonist about a year ago. The Colonist is owned by Glacier media and Alberta Newspaper Group is a subsidiary of this company. 

Glacier Media gave $100,000 to the Liberals in 2009.


The Kelowna Daily Courier and Penticton Herald are published by Continental Newspapers which is run by David Radler.

As newspapers are facing problems and struggling to stay alive, it's makes a person wonder how a newspaper company can afford to pay these amount of money to receive such political favour.


Sadly, this is far from the first time a BC media company has donated to a political party. In 2013, the Vancouver Sun and the Province paper owner, Post Media, donated $10,000 to the BC Liberals. And between 2006 and 2011, Black Press, which owns more than 70 community newspapers in BC, contributed $5,430 to the BC Liberals.


It is no wonder that members of the public can not get any letter published that goes against the Liberal government.

As Dermod Travis of Integrity BC has said;  "the 2014 Award for Incredibly Bad Taste in donations goes to Imperial Metals, owners of the Mount Polley mine."

The mining company has donated $7,150 to the Liberals, part of which was a $1,500 cheque in October and another for $250 in November, after the companies Mount Polley tailings dam failure.

As Dermod said; "The spill may have been toxic, but Imperial's cash wasn't,"

Companies that transport oil and gas in this province were in like dirty shirts as well with cheques all made out to the Liberal's bank account.


Kinder Morgan - $4,500

TransCanada Pipelines $5,600

Coastal GasLink Pipeline - $12,500

Enbridge Northern Gateway - $13,450


Woodfibre LNG, gave $28,000 to the Liberals and $8,000 to the B.C. NDP.


This company is proposing a liquefied natural gas export terminal in Howe Sound. Woodfibre LNG also paid out more that $18,000 to newspaper and radio ads during the November 2014 Squamish local elections.

Normally this kind of impropriety would have the press in a feeding frenzy, but when the news media are in this up to their eyeballs, they are not going to allow their reporters to scrutinize their own behaviour.



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