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Listen to the Land

Species at Risk, medicine wheel, Silverdale and more

By Tracey Lister, Footprint Press/Photo of the Pacific Tree Frog by Bruce Klassen, Silverdale.


e are very happy to release our 14th Issue of the Footprint Press ecoarts magazine.


The magazine and back issues can also be viewed on line at Hard copies will soon be available at libraries, UFV, and local small businesses.


Message from the Editorial Committee:

In Nature, all forms of life are interconnected and each species is necessary for the health of the whole. It is Human Nature, to label some forms of life a pest, vermin, or a weed.


Such labels are based on misunderstanding of the functioning of life forms within ecosystems. They are used to justify the widespread violence we inflict on wildlife and on natural systems. Violence akin to chemical warfare against plants and insects, and calls for culls of one species after another. Violence which takes the lives of countless bees, geese, deer, coyotes, grizzly bears, and most recently, wolves.

If we are ever to reach a state of peace with life on earth, we need to refocus our perceptions onto the virtues of those we have maligned. When we look below the surface of the Swamp, we will see a Haven for frogs and other little creatures.


When we open our minds and hearts to the similarities between misunderstood detestables and ourselves, we see the love of the coyote family, and the courage of the mouse.

Only when we take the time to care and to connect with Nature, will we find nonviolent solutions to the complex relationships we have with each other, and with all life around us.


In this issue:

Lovena Morton- Spring gardening tips to help local native frogs
Tracy Lyster- Creating a new vision for the Silverdale lands in Mission B.C.
Val Pack- Getting to know our local species at risk: The Western Painted
Carrie Besko- Coyotes: The other dogs in our backyard
Paul Falardeau- Yelling coyote
Shelly Haggard- A walk with nature
Frank Supernault- The Medicine Wheel

Artwork by Carrielynn Victor, Tracie Stewart, and Peter Gong
Guest photographers: Rick Skerry & Mike Stefiuk
Cover photo: Pacific Tree Frog, Bruce Klassen, Silverdale.


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