Sunday, April 5, 2015


The Roundup

Vacant homes targeted for break-ins last week

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Police and paramedics respond to a suicidal man on Fourth Ave. last week.


CMP were called out to the 46000-block of Fourth Ave. Tuesday at 2 a.m. after reports a man was threatening suicide.


Police arrived to find the man with a sharp object and he proceeded to slash a wrist. The officer then administered first aid.

Cpl Mike Rail, Chilliwack RCMP UFVRD, confirmed with The Voice that the distraught man cut one wrist.

BC Ambulance paramedics were on the scene and assisted the man.

Lights Out, Nobody's Home

Empty houses prone to metal thieves and squatters

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A suspect is handcuffed and put into the back of a police cruiser early Wednesday.


hortly after midnight Wednesday, two men were seen breaking into a vacant home on Third Ave. near Young Rd. Police were called and a PDS K9 unit was also dispatched.

With the help of the dog, the men were caught running out the back of the home, placed in handcuffs and arrested.

The pair were eventually released. A neighbour later told The Voice the home was a former drug house.

Almost Caught in the Act

Suspect nabbed just before breaking into a house

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A suspect leans on a cruiser as police check for stolen items on Reece Ave.

n Thursday, Mounties responded to a man seen breaking into a home in the 45900-block of Reece Ave. late afternoon on Thursday.

Police sealed off the area and moved in on the suspect who fled through the back yard, vaulting over a fence into the arms of waiting police.

A neighbour across the street told The Voice at the time, that he'd been watching the suspect for a half hour trying to get into the various spots on the house.

No one was living in the home at the time.

Police checked the suspect but because he had no break and enter tools, or any stolen items, he was subsequently released.



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