Friday, April 24, 2015


A Less Taxing Time

Search and Rescue members to get 2015 credit

Released by H& R Block with staff notes


After 18 years in service as a Chilliwack Search and Rescue volunteer, Doug Fraser (shown here and other members will now be eligible for a tax credit.


ith the Canada Revenue Agency still waiting for more than 11 million returns, H&R Block Canada is helping procrastinators meet the April 30 deadline by launching its first ever Tax-A-Thon.


This year's tax return includes a number of new credits including the $2,000 Family Tax Cut, enhanced $1,000 Children's Fitness Credit and a $3,000 volunteer Search and Rescue Credit. Filing a tax return also means you automatically apply for government benefits like the Canada Child Tax Benefit, quarterly GST/HST payments and Guaranteed Income Supplement as well as provincial benefits.


Doug Fraser, search manager with Chilliwack Search and Rescue has been volunteering for 18 years. Now for the first time, he and the other members will be able to claim the $3000 tax credit.


The CSAR guys are the ones who jump out of bed at 3 a.m. and head out into any weather. It's a thankless job. So, in a way, they're getting some thanks from the government in the form of the credit.


Fraser and the other members are appreciative of the break.


"The federal tax credit certainly was a welcome change,"  he told The Voice in an e-mail on Friday. "It took many years and saw a couple of previous attempts to get such legislation passed."


H&R Block is opening select offices for 64 hours straight this weekend. Offices open at 8 am on Friday morning and will remain open until midnight on Sunday so taxpayers can file on time and make sure they don't miss a thing.

According to a recent Angus Reid Forum survey, Canadians aged 35-54 procrastinate the most when it comes to filing their taxes with 29 per cent saying they file just before or past the deadline. And the tax deadline can be a source of dread for some. The same survey showed one in 10 would rather sing karaoke in front of their boss than do their tax return.

"Last year, more than two million Canadians took advantage of the five day extension created by the Heartbleed Bug but this year, the deadline remains April 30th," says Richard Brown, president, H&R Block Canada. "The hockey playoffs and nicer weather make it easy to forget about your taxes but waiting until the last minute could mean you miss claiming credits and deductions. No one wants to leave money on the table at tax time."


Even if you owe and can't pay, you should file by the deadline to avoid the five percent late filing penalty and interruptions in your benefit payments.

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