Thursday, April 30, 2015

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Courts Under Fire

Former postal worker walks away from mail theft, fraud and stolen property charges a free woman

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Handout photo of Candace Dawn Waller.


ormer Chilliwack postie Candace Dawn Waller, who was in court Wednesday, facing charges of theft of mail, fraud and possession of stolen property, walked away a free woman. According to court records she was released on her Own Recognition.


A source told The Voice Wednesday, that the local RCMP were shocked to learn that Wallace is back in the community after their extensive co-investigation with Canada Post last year which led to Wallace, and her alleged accomplice, William Tyler Solomon, being charged.

One Chilliwack resident, who has been victimized by mail thefts from community mailboxes in the past, was dismayed when he found out the courts were lenient with Waller.

"I find it unbelievable that the court let her go like that. Now she's free to do it again," said the unnamed resident. "Why even have a court system if they're going to let guilty people off scot-free? I'm not sending anything by mail anymore."

The problem of missing mail is still rampant in Chilliwack. Last Saturday, there were reports that a community mailbox on Olds Dr. had all it's doors popped open.

Last week, when queried by The Voice, Canada Post did not say how many mailboxes they've had to repair in Chilliwack, nor the costs associated with that. However, spokesperson Anick Losier said in an e-mail on Thursday that have investigators working on the thefts.


"We do work closely with local authorities to thwart those who would commit property crimes, including mail thefts," he stated.

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