Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Share and Share Alike

Privacy Act shredded with B-C51?

By Kathy Read, Agassiz


arpers Bill C-51 is dangerous, reckless and ineffective. The bill permits information-sharing across government for a wide range of purposes, most of which have nothing to do with terrorism.


The sharing  field covers 17 government institutions with government granting itself the right to expand sharing to other departments.


In fact, the bill even permits further disclosure “to any person, for any purpose” to other governments.  In other words, there are few limits on how information the government collects can be shared with any entity it sees fit.


Plus, they don't even have to tell you that they have shared your financial, medical, travel or education records or any other information they can dig up about you to our government institutions and other governments. For a country that has a Charter of Rights and Freedoms this bill will have the power to run a wrecking ball through it.

 Bill C-51 destroys the core protections found in the Privacy Act by opening the door to the very kind of information-sharing that the law is intended to prevent.

Again can we say "Trying to kill the Charter of Rights and Freedoms"?

Privacy Commissioner of Canada Daniel Therrien, described as an expert by PM Harper, slammed the bill in a submission to the Standing Committee on Public Safety: "The scale of information sharing being proposed is unprecedented, the scope of the new powers conferred by the Act is excessive, particularly as these powers affect ordinary Canadians, and the safeguards protecting against unreasonable loss of privacy are seriously deficient. While the potential to know virtually everything about everyone may well identify some new threats, the loss of privacy is clearly excessive. All Canadians would be caught in this web."

When this bill was first presented and Canadian did not know what the full extent was 17% opposed it and just 3 weeks later 50% oppose it.

Mark Strahl you were voted into government by the people so why don't you start standing up for what the people want and that is not to have our rights and freedoms taken away from us.



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