Thursday, April 18, 2013



Elections 2013

Yarrow Residents Get Crack at Candidates

Local issues to dominate  May 1 meeting

Voice Staff, with files from Cora Price, Yarrow Volunteer Society


he Yarrow Volunteer Society has organized an all-candidates meeting for 7 P.M. Wednesday, May 1 at the Yarrow Community Hall, 4670 Community Street.

Victor Froese will moderate, and the candidates will given 3 minutes each to orientate the crowd with personal desciptions that include who they are speak and why they are running for their party.

Candidates will also speak for another 3 minutes on specific Yarrow issues. Then they will let loose for 5 minutes to comment on platform topics such as; health, education, budget and the deficit.

This final half hour will be comprised of questions from the floor through Froese on any topic to any or all candidates.

Come out and support the great work in the community that the Yarrow Volunteer Society does.

For more information, call Victor 604-823-7335


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