Wednesday, April 3, 2013

City Hall News

Road Renegades Targeted

Trucks checked during safety blitz

Released by Zoya Stoochnoff, City of Chilliwack


n Thursday, March 21st, the City of Chilliwack Safer City Program, in partnership with representatives from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure's Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement Branch (CVSE) and Chilliwack RCMP Traffic Services checked vehicles to confirm their compliancy with applicable safety legislation at locations within the City of Chilliwack.


As hundreds of commercial vehicles travel through Chilliwack on any given day, officers used their expertise to screen through all the vehicles and target for inspection on those that appeared not to be meeting safety regulations and standards. In total, the officers targeted 35 vehicles for full inspection. Of that, 7 vehicles passed with no defects, 13 vehicles required minor repairs to be completed at a later time, and 15 required repairs to be completed prior to proceeding.

While the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure's inspectors were more focused on commercial transport safety infractions, police officers were checking both commercial and passenger vehicles. Ministry inspectors conducted inspections of commercial vehicles that appeared as though they were lacking proper maintenance; weighed truck/trailer combinations to ensure they were not overweight; and checked for properly secured loads.

The participating enforcement agencies checked trailers to ensure the cargo was properly secured and that any hazardous materials were being safely transported in accordance with provincial legislation.

There were 6 violation tickets issued during the day totalling $1,619. Main charges were for mechanical defects including brakes.

Whether you are operating a personal vehicle or a commercial transport; as the driver, you are responsible for safe driving practices and additionally your vehicle maintenance and insurance. Even though this initiative resulted in violation tickets of commercial vehicles, it is worth reminding the public that it is important to remember the overwhelming majority of vehicles are being operated in a professional manner.


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