Thursday, April 11, 2013



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The Written Ride

StreetHope have two mobility scooters to give away for a song

Submitted by Bev and John Hood, StreetHope New & Used/Submitted photo


treetHope New & Used is at it once again with a 3rd AND 4th mobility scooter to pay forward.


We truly believe in being an active part of our community and this is yet another way to do so just that.


All one needs to do is bring a letter to our store, located corner Young Rd and 5th, explaining your present situation (this letter needn't be long) and how this scooter will help to improve your life. The potential recipient must have a safe and secure place to store the scooter. 


These scooters will be 'paid forward' in the very near future, so your letter must be presented as soon as possible. Our very grateful thanks go out to both Angela and Richard for enabling us to do just this! 


StreetHope  is located at Young Rd. and 5th Ave. 604-832-8884


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