Monday, April 29, 2013

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Independent MacKinnon throws hat in for Chilliwack-Hope riding

Submitted by independent candidate Ryan McKinnon


he hot Chilliwack-Hope riding has just become even more contentious with the announcement Monday that Hope BC resident Ryan Mackinnon has thrown his hat in the election race.


MacKinnon, a father of two young boys, was born and raised in area Hope and spent a number of years based in Chilliwack.


According to the release, he's been employed coastal logging most of his career and then later tree-topping. Other previous experience relates to skilled labour on hydro projects, eavestrough installer. In the 90's he apprenticed in plumbing at BCIT.


He was a past Director of the Hope Community Children's Centre and considers himself to be a "strong voice for child protection reform".


MacKinnon is a gold bug and enjoy free time panning local rivers.



As a lifelong resident of the Chilliwack Hope riding, I have seen our communities flourish in good times and have seen our communities struggle through the not so prosperous times. It is imperative the British Columbia Government provide tax incentives to resource based companies as well as the manufacturing sector to bring new employment to communities like Hope and Boston Bar.


The Film Industry

It is very important that Government offers attractive tax incentives to revitalize the British Columbia Film Industry. We have lost many jobs to provinces that offer more attractive tax incentives.



Our seniors are faced with far to many challenges in their golden years and should be rewarded for their contribution to society. I believe medical service premiums need to be drastically reduced for our seniors as well as prescription assistance be instated. In-home care for seniors would be a very beneficial and comforting service that needs to be provided.


Child Protection

Children are THE most precious resource we have in British Columbia. Children first and foremost need to be protected and nurtured.


Our Provinces current Ministry of Children and Family Development is in need of a serious restructuring. This years projected budget is $1.345 billion dollars with incremental increases over the next 2 years. This system is a caseload-based budget system. No caseloads. No budgets.


If elected as your MLA for Chilliwack-Hope I will be a strong voice in Legislature for Child Protection Reform.


The Mining Industry

The Mining sector in British Columbia has great potential to create new jobs. Government needs to get approvals for new permits on the move. With new technology and strict environmental regulations in place I believe our province will flourish once we revitalize this industry.


On Water

Water is a very precious resource, our survival depends on it. The proposed pipeline is slated to run right above the Fraser Valley Aquifer. There can be no safeguard or expense spared to ensure that this proposed pipeline will not contaminate our water sources or fish bearing streams.


As an Independent candidate for MLA for Chilliwack-Hope I look forward to hearing your concerns and ideas for the Chilliwack Hope constituency.


To find out where Ryan MacKinnon stands on issues, contact him via e-mail here.




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