Thursday, April 25, 2013

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Paramedics improvise to rescue trapped man

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This corner on Prest Rd. has taken a toll on unwary drivers recently.



hortly after 3 p.m. Wednesday, a vehicle went off the road on the north turn at First Ave and Prest Rd., leaving a man trapped inside.


Luckily, the vehicle didn't roll over and remained upright.

At the time as this accident, City of Chilliwack firefighters were busy with a house fire on Chilliwack Mountain, so they weren't able to immediately respond to the accident.

While waiting for fire crews, BC Ambulance Paramedics, who don't carry the Jaws of Life, improvised by attaching a rope from their vehicle to the vehicle with the man trapped, and then yarded the door open using their ambulance.

Although shaken up, the man did not appear to have suffered any serious injuries.

According to ICBC Crash Maps, there have been 38 accidents at that intersection, although its not clear if that figure includes the corner as well.


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