Monday, April 22, 2013



BC Politics

Big Words 

NDP plan to increase family bonus cheques, reduce daycare costs   

Released by Jen Jones, NDP Caucus


latform measures outlined by New Democrat leader Adrian Dix over the last week will improve the education system and make life more affordable for Chilliwack families say local NDP candidates.


"Our platform includes a $100 million commitment to hiring 1000 more teachers, counsellors, librarians, education assistants and other support staff in our school system," said Chilliwack candidate Patti MacAhonic.

"Under the Liberals 16,000 classes in our school system don't meet basic standards of class size and composition," said Chilliwack-Hope candidate Gwen O'Mahony. "The NDP commitment to improving classroom conditions will help our children reach their full potential, while all the Liberals are offering is more of the same."

The NDP education platform also included a commitment to reduce daycare fees for infants and toddlers by 20 percent and help children prepare for school by investing in early learning and childcare through an Early Years Innovation Fund.

"Making daycare more affordable is a critically important step to making life more affordable for Chilliwack families," said MacAhonic. "Lowering daycare fees will ensure that parents get to put greater portion of their paycheck towards their children."

The NDP also made a $210 million commitment to a Family Bonus Program that will bring thousands of children out of poverty.

"Investing in education will improve the lives of families in the long term while a B.C. Family Bonus Program and reducing daycare fees will make life more affordable immediately," said O'Mahony. "Combining this immediate-term relief with a stronger public education system will bring change for the better to British Columbia."



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