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The Orange Wave

NDP party leader Dix joins MacAhonic at campaign kick-off

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Chilliwack candidate Patti MacAhonic speaks to supporters at her campaign office opening last week.


hilliwack NDP candidate Patti MacAhonic opened her campaign office Tuesday to much fanfare, including a highly anticipated visit from her boss, party leader Adrian Dix.


Dix rolled into Chilliwack on Day 2 of the election campaign, parking his orange shrink-wrapped greyhound bus in front of MacAhonic's office on Yale Road.


Incumbent Gwen O'Mahony got the orange wave going in the Chilliwack-Hope riding last year by winning the by-election and she's never looked back.


For her, this election is vastly different. She's not going it alone this time. She one of the city's top business leaders on her wing as the Chilliwack candidate.

Inside, a smiling and confident-looking Dix worked the crowd of about three dozen agog supporters.

When MacAhonic took the microphone, she pledged to do more to get voter's attention.

"I'm going to knock on more doors, make more calls and connect with more voters than ever before," she said.

"One thing I hear over and over again in Chilliwack is voters are ready for change. Not just a change in government, but a change in the way we engage in politics."

Dix said he understands that people have had enough of short-term policies like the BC Liberals spending $11M on a Bollywood celebration and movie pageant as an election goodie.

He said skills training in BC has just a 35 per cent completion rate compared to Alberta which is over 70 per cent.

Dix also said that the Liberal jobs strategy is more about advertising than actually creating jobs.

"Since the premier launched her job plan, which is principally about advertising and $16M in ads, we've lost 34,800 private sector jobs."

"Gwen and Patti, I think, represent something important in politics women who are focused on their communities, who represent it with passion, who know how to engage with people, who treat people with respect every day and that respect is reflected back in the support they have."


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