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The Benefits of Give and Take

Meadowrose reaches a milestone and expands help areas

Released by Kathereen Kessler, MRS/Voice file photo


Kathereen Kessler at the March women's forum on violence.


he Meadow Rose Society is pleased to announce that the CRA has now granted it full charitable status.  “Until now, we’ve been limited to donations of baby items,” said Kathereen Kessler, founder and Executive Director of the Society. 


“We are now able to receive cash donations and provide tax receipts, which will make a world of difference to the families and children we serve through Meadow Rose’s operations”.

Kathereen Kessler’s desire help provide basic needs to children under the age of three has been a dream of hers since the day she woke up to discover she had run out of formula for her own baby. 

Living in rural Rosedale with no vehicle, she found herself in a position in which no new mother should be. 

“No child should be denied such a basic need as formula due to the family’s circumstances, “said Kessler.  “I’ve been there and I’ve never forgotten.  Meadow Rose has been my way of making the world a more giving and nurturing place for the very young and vulnerable”.

Recently, Meadow Rose has expanded its network of help to the following communities:

• Boston Bar/North Bend


• Hope/Sunshine Valley/Laidlaw

• Agassiz/Popkum/Rosedale

• Yarrow/Vedder/Greendale

“We are available to families 24 hours a day in these areas”, said Kessler “and we hope our network will widen in the near future, so that Meadow Rose’s volunteers and “Givers” (people who maintain a stockpile of baby supplies in outlying areas, able to respond to local need in a timely manner) can reach even further into remote areas where families have less ready access to help.”

The Meadow Rose Society gratefully acknowledges the support of StreetHope, who have been very generous by supplying families with baby clothing.  Meadow Rose would also like to thank Chilliwack-Hope MLA, Gwen O’Mahony, for her support on the road to charitable status.

Meadow Rose is developing administrative systems to accommodate convenient ways for people to donate to its work in the community, due to its newly-achieved charitable status.  Until these are in place, cheques may be sent to:

Meadow Rose Society - 45904 Victoria Avenue, Chilliwack BC  V2P 2T1

For “Giver” contact information, visit our website, at:, or call 604-392 1133, or 604 845 5432.

Meadow Rose Society's Registration Number : 83582 6686 RR0001



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