Monday, April 1, 2013


BC Politics

Hey, No HST

A list some of the most popular items and services that will cost less

Released by Edward May, NDP Caucus


he Liberals’ HST has finally been shut down and boarded up for good, meaning life is about to become a little more affordable for B.C. families.

Since July 1, 2010, B.C. families have been paying seven-per-cent more for hundreds of everyday items and services.


The Liberals wasted millions of dollars on a taxpayer-funded ad campaign, but 19 months after voters decisively voted to get rid of it, the HST is finally gone.


Here are just some of the items and services that will cost less starting today:

• restaurant meals;
• packaged and prepared groceries;
• catering services;
• renovations and contractors’ services;
• new housing;
• haircuts;
• bikes and bike repairs;
• helmets and lifejackets;
• camping reservation fees;
• theatre and movie tickets;
• food-producing plants like tomatoes;
• boat rentals and moorage;
• concerts and festivals;
• golf memberships and fees;
• parking;
• bus and train fares;
• domestic flights;
• spa and massage services;
• fishing charters;
• nutritional supplements;
• basic telephone and cable services;
• wedding planners;
• funeral services;
• and countless other items.

B.C.'s New Democrats championed the fight against the HST for B.C. families and small businesses, while the B.C. Liberals showed they aren't up to the challenges facing British Columbia today. New Democrats are offering change for the better, one practical step at a time.


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