Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Sometimes a Great Notion 

Should FVRD directors step down before getting into federal and provincial political campaigns?



raser Valley Regional District (FVRD) area directors with designs on provincial and federal politics should resign first as directors before pursuing any other political ambition.


FVRD tag team Wendy Bales and Dennis Adamson, or any other director whose primary focus is not on the job the people hired them to do, should put the community first.


It's convoluted when people put their own personal political agendas ahead of the community's when serving as a director. Speeches and literature are laced with mention they're FVRD directors, but what voters expect from community leaders is selflessness.


At least former Chilliwack city councillor Dianne Janzen had the wherewithal and intestinal fortitude to resign her post as city councillor before embarking on a federal Liberal MP campaign. She knew that she couldn't possibly do both things at once.


If and when they're elected MLA/MP, they'll promptly ditch the FVRD job, leaving communities in the lurch.


On another note, the Chamber of Commerce board members should have their names on municipal election ballots and in that way ensure skewed regimes, which hinder rather than help local business, do not perpetuate themselves like we've been seeing in Chilliwack now for several years.



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