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Author and super cycler Shirley to speak with at-risk youth in Chilliwack April 16

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errick Shirley is a Canadian original. While most of us celebrate Canada Day waving flags and watching fireworks, Derrick is taking his patriotism to new heights.

Concerned about the negative influences impacting youth and families, this family counsellor and motivational speaker is embarking on a countrywide journey to personally meet more than 10,000 Canadian teenagers, teachers, parents, and police officers to ask them one simple question, "What has a teen done to WOW you?"

Leaving Vancouver, BC on his 45th birthday, April 16th, Derrick will cycle 8234 km making over 60 stops at high schools and police stations along the route as part of his charity’s "Making Wow!" tour. 75 days later, he will ascend to the top of Signal Hill in St. John’s NF, on July 1st, Canada Day.

By the end of this remarkable and timely tour, Derrick will have talked to thousands of teenagers and adults and collected hundreds of stories of WOW. He will then select the best 50 stories for his next book, "The Big Book of Wow! Discovering Exceptional Teens."

As CEO of the It Takes 2 (IT2) Youth Leadership Institute, the Making Wow! Tour is also part of his organization’s fundraising efforts to raise money and awareness for their signature program; the IT2 National Tandem Bike Ride for Youth at Risk. This 2014 event – the first of its kind in the world – is a provincial relay across Canada on tandem bicycles with a 15-18 year old youth at risk riding the "captain" (front) position and a police officer riding in the "stoker" (rear) position through the province where they are from.

They have received program endorsement from several police departments including Calgary, Lethbridge and Toronto and select OPP and RCMP officers and are now looking for corporate sponsors and public donations.

If you were to ask this 45-year-old parent of two teens, former 400 pound man and author of the bestselling book, "The 400 Pound Male Stripper" why he is doing this, his answer would be simple; because he thinks he can and because it needs to be done.

He will be stopping by Fusion Athletics in Chilliwack Tuesday around 6:45. Here is the address: 7870 Enterprise Dr. Derrick will be interviewing the teens.

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