Friday, April 12, 2013


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Incumbent MLA to open offices at Chilliwack Mall and Hope

Released by Joe Macdonald, Campaign for Gwen O'Mahony

he Gwen O’Mahony Chilliwack campaign office will open Saturday, April 13, at 2 pm, almost a year to the day since O’Mahony’s historic by-election victory.

This time, she will run to defend her seat as MLA for Chilliwack-Hope. “It’s been an amazing year, full of listening to and learning from Chilliwack-Hope’s citizens”, related O’Mahony.

“This riding covers a lot of ground and it has been a rewarding challenge travelling its length and breadth to connect with constituents”. O’Mahony will also open a satellite office in Hope on Tuesday, April 16, at 5 pm.

Last year, Gwen O’Mahony became the first NDP MLA, and the first woman, to represent the upper Fraser Valley in the legislature. “I invited people to give me a year’s probationary period. It’s now time to ask voters for four more years,” said O’Mahony. “I’m hoping the people here will reflect on the work I’ve done and re-elect me to a full term working on their behalf in Victoria. Its time for a change for the better across the province, and Adrian Dix and I are committed to providing this, one practical step at a time.”

Gwen O’Mahony’s Chilliwack campaign office is located in the Chilliwack Mall at Unit 1420, 45610 Luckakuck Way. The Hope office is located at 800 3rd Avenue.

All are welcome to attend.

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